Accu-fit Rail on Roof

Accu-Fit Rail System

OSHA Compliance with Architectural Appeal.

The Accu-Fit railing system is designed to be used at or around leading-edge fall hazard areas to prevent workers from being exposed to the fall hazard itself.

Accu-fit Rail on Roof
Accu-fit Rail on Roof

Choose The Safest Rooftop Fall Protection.

The Accu-Fit GuardRail System is an OSHA-compliant, passive fall-protection railing system.

Accu-Fit Rail System

The Accu-Fit system is available in three upright stanchion configurations including straight and two curved profiles. All three of these stanchion options are supported in free-standing cast iron base plates which require no mechanical attachment to the roof.

Key Features

Tested and independently certified to be in accordance with OSHA fall protection for guardrail regulations, sections 1910.29 & 1926.500 1926.503. Allows customized installation — railing sections provided in 21-foot lengths (or shorter if needed) to allow custom fabrication of guard rails in field for precise fit.

Comes standard in a galvanized finish but may be ordered with a powder-coat topcoat to match building facades.

Custom designs and engineering available.

Accu-fit Rail on Roof
1-1/4" Accu-Fit Mobile Rail

Constructed with schedule 40 1¼” galvanized pipe and pipe fittings which provides pleasing sight lines to complement building architecture.

Accu-fit Rail on Roof
1-1/2" Accu-Fit Mobile Rail

Constructed with schedule 40 1½” galvanized pipe and pipe fittings that form a continuous, uniform railing profile.

osha rail wide scaled
Accu-Fit Cal 3209 Base

Designed for compliance under both federal OSHA regulations and the more stringent Cal-OSHA guidelines.

installation process

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OSHA compliance is no place for guesswork. Ask Safey Rail for an expert assessment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you subcontract your installation services?

No. We staff the industry’s largest in-house team of installation experts: well-trained professionals that always employ best-in-class safety protocols. We are a single-source provider for project design, project supply, and project installation: one point of contact from beginning to end.

How do I know what I need for my fall-protection project — do you assist with this process?

Yes. Simply call us, and we’ll take it from there. Our on-staff team of engineers and project-management experts provide assistance every step of the way — from defining your project needs with detailed CAD-modeling technology to recommending a plan to address all possible fall hazards. Your facility-specific CAD models are layered with our product solutions to create a detailed visual and bill of materials. This helps clearly define the project scope and budget, and acts as a blueprint for our installation process.

Do you have in-stock inventory?

Yes. We have the most available inventory in the fall-protection industry. Standard items ship within three to seven business days. Our “in-sourcing” manufacturing approach positions SRC to circumvent the challenging supply-chain disruptions often experienced by our competitors. We are not dependent on subcontractors, outsourcing, or unpredictable overseas imports when making commitments to our customers.

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