Frequently Asked Questions

Fall protection experts.

How do I know what I need for my fall-protection project — do you assist with this process?

Yes. Simply call us, and we’ll take it from there. Our on-staff team of engineers and project-management experts provide assistance every step of the way — from defining your project needs with detailed CAD-modeling technology to recommending a plan to address all possible fall hazards. Your facility-specific CAD models are layered with our product solutions to create a detailed visual and bill of materials. This helps clearly define the project scope and budget, and acts as a blueprint for our installation process.

Do I have to place an order before I can get project recommendations?

No. We are happy to provide CAD models and industry expertise free of charge.  

Are you the manufacturer?

Yes. We manufacture our own products, right here in America — utilizing domestically sourced raw materials. This cornerstone principle allows us to maintain the highest of quality standards, manage the supply-chain timeline, and, most important, to stay responsive to our customers.

Do you have in-stock inventory?

Yes. We have the most available inventory in the fall-protection industry. Standard items ship within three to seven business days. Our “in-sourcing” manufacturing approach positions SRC to circumvent the challenging supply-chain disruptions often experienced by our competitors. We are not dependent on subcontractors, outsourcing, or unpredictable overseas imports when making commitments to our customers.

Is there anything unique about your manufacturing capabilities?

Yes. Our made-in-America promise is more than a founding principle at SRC — it’s good business. Our manufacturing process has thrived through vertical integration, resulting in superior quality control and reliable lead times. Our use of advanced robotics and automation, combined with our skilled U.S. workforce, results in both quality and competitive value. We have the highest output capacity in the market, unmatched by any of our competitors. 

Do you subcontract your installation services?

No. We staff the industry’s largest in-house team of installation experts: well-trained professionals that always employ best-in-class safety protocols. We are a single-source provider for project design, project supply, and project installation: one point of contact from beginning to end.

My company has many facilities and locations. Can you handle multiple sites simultaneously?

Yes. Having built the industry’s most-experienced resource pool, including skilled project management and installation teams, we specialize in nationwide initiatives — using our proven SRC Site Safe™ process. With our impressive portfolio of successful projects — in nearly every sector of industry, from schools to food-processing plants — SRC is the preferred fall-protection supplier of Fortune 500 companies.

What are the steps for an SRC turn-key project rollout?

See our SRC Site Safe™ Services page. 

I only need to purchase material — can you help me?

Yes. We sell our products throughout North America. If you call us, you will find a skilled, responsive sales team ready to help.

How do you ship your product?

We utilize SRC-approved carriers with a proven record of success shipping our freight class. We ship all orders Pre-Pay/Add on SRC’s account to ensure the best customer-service experience. Products are shipped on specialty pallets and delivered via LTL carriers minimizing freight damage. As standard process, a loading dock is required for delivery; but we can accommodate any unique jobsite needs upon request. Large orders are handled on dedicated trucks with reliable delivery times.

Will your safety solutions affect my roof’s warranty?

No. Our products are designed specifically with this in mind. The majority of our product lines are free-standing, non-penetrating safety solutions — and your roof’s warranty will never be compromised. 

Do you follow any specific quality programs?

Yes. SRC operates under a stringent and modern Material Requirements Planning (MRP) manufacturing system following lean manufacturing quality principles. We have a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) on staff and all of our factory welders maintain AWS certification in D1.1 and/or D1.3 qualifications. Our in-sourced coating processes follow the highest industry safety and quality standards.

Are your products third-party tested?

Yes. At SRC, we utilize modular, pre-engineered systems. Each product we manufacture meets or exceeds OSHA standards and is validated by third-party accredited USA-testing labs. Furthermore, we provide Professional Engineer (PE) stamping in all U.S. states and Canadian provinces upon request for custom solutions.

Do you offer custom colors?

Yes. While our favorite color is safety yellow, we do provide customization for projects looking to match a facility’s architectural aesthetic. Our automated, in-sourced powder-coating system allows SRC to nimbly respond to our customers’ requests.

Are you an active supplier on popular corporate procurement systems?

Yes. Safety Rail Company is a verified supplier on Avetta, Arriba, Taulia, ComplyWorks, GRMS, Corrigo, and ISN. You will find that we are fully compliant on licensing, insurance, bonding, financial standing, and corporate-best practice policies. We want to make it simple for you to do business with us — so if your procurement portal is not listed above, contact us and we will start the process.

Do you do business with U.S. government agencies?

Yes. Contact us for more information.

So, why partner with Safety Rail Company?

Trust and experience.

There are plenty of competitors in our market, but nobody has our American-made quality, depth of engineering resources, industry-leading production capacity, extensive project-management resources, or in-house installation capability. When we say nobody, we mean it.


At Safety Rail Company, you can count on us for your safety and satisfaction on every project.

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A solution for every hazard.

Regardless of what goes on your rooftop, Safety Rail makes the products that keep your facility OSHA-compliant and your people safe and productive.