Overhead Fall Protection

Reduce risk, not mobility.

Safety Rail Company's Overhead Fall Protection Systems give your personnel the freedom to move and get the job done... with a greatly reduced level of risk.

Custom Engineered Fall Arrest Systems

Whether free-standing or anchored to a structure, SRC Overhead Fall Protection systems facilitate smooth movement, worker productivity and OSHA-compliant fall protection. SRC’s ability to assess your needs, manufacture and install your system insures your systems will suit your needs and be installed correctly… without compromise or a complex multi-partner process.

Multi-Column System

The SRC Multiple Column Systems are modular & expandable to infinite lengths and heights. Depending upon length additional foundations and support columns will be required.

Dual-Track System

When a facility often engages in tasks that require overhead teamwork, consider our dual-track system. With SRC’s dual-track system, multiple users can work simultaneously, improving efficiency without sacrificing safety.

Single-Column System

A SRC Overhead Fall Arrest Rail System is your best bet to mitigate the risks associated with working at elevation, safeguarding worker well-being, as well as unencumbered productivity.

Single-Column System

Multi-Column System


SRC’s Overhead Fall Protection systems offer the best protection for workers at elevation, safeguarding their wellbeing and ensuring productivity. With the proper assessment, SRC can manufacture and erect the perfect system for:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Truck, barge and railcar loading bays
  • Warehouses and distribution centers
  • Agricultural product handling operations
  • Oil and gas facilities


  • Allows multi-user bypass capabilities
  • Engineered for use in all weather environments
  • SRC professional installation or self-installation
  • Meets OSHA & ANSI requirements
  • System includes two user sets: harness, self-retracting lifeline, and trolley*
  • Adapts to small installation footprint for congested areas
  • Compliant with railroad clearance requirements
  • Custom coverage lengths available
  • Trolley Rail & Fixed anchor points available
  • Five-year warranty
  • 100% Made in USA

* Trolley not included with Single Point Anchor System

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