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Providing our customers with everything they need to make an informed decision when selecting a safe, cost-effective solution for their facility’s fall-protection needs.

Case Study

Above and Beyond: Saputo goes from facing non-compliance to one of the safest around

Global dairy producer had an immediate need for rooftop safety protection at one of its U.S. facilities. What ensued was an update at more than a dozen plants and an ongoing relationship with Safety Rail Company that ensures Saputo has some of the best-protected roofs in the industry!

White Paper

Avoiding the Fallout – Passive vs Active Fall Protection Systems: Costs & Comparisons

Some jobs carry with them inherent dangers. We do the best we can to mitigate those dangers and keep worksites as safe as possible. But safety does come at a cost, and that cost is a concern for facility and project managers. Budgets are a reality of safety planning, which is why careful consideration should be given to the overall safety plan.


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How do I know what I need for my fall-protection project — do you assist with this process?2023-09-15T16:08:14-05:00

Yes. Simply call us, and we’ll take it from there. Our on-staff team of engineers and project-management experts provide assistance every step of the way — from defining your project needs with detailed CAD-modeling technology to recommending a plan to address all possible fall hazards. Your facility-specific CAD models are layered with our product solutions to create a detailed visual and bill of materials. This helps clearly define the project scope and budget, and acts as a blueprint for our installation process.

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