• rooftop guard rail system

    Guard Rail: Exploring the Significance, Regulations and Installation Process for a Secure Work Environment

    Introduction to Guard Rails When it comes to establishing safety in the workplace, guard rails are an indispensable tool. Whether it's a construction site, manufacturing facility, or any occupation involving work at heights, guardrails serve as protective barriers designed to prevent falls and create a secure working environment. In this article, we will [...]

  • field level hazard assessment

    Who is responsible for conducting a hazard assessment: Fall Protection Edition

    Hazard Assessment Responsibility? The short answer - Under OSHA guidelines, employers are responsible for conducting fall hazard assessments to identify and assess the potential risks in their workplace. We’ll get into more detail below around this topic including key terms and definitions, the fall hazard assessment process and job responsibility and common tasks. [...]

  • Rooftop Safety

    Roof Safety Equipment: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Workers Safe

    "Your employees' safety and health are the keys to the success of your business" - H. W. Heinrich. As an employer, keeping your workers safe should always be a top priority. Their safety becomes even more important when they are working from height. There are a lot of potential hazards [...]

  • toe board fall protection

    Toe Board Safety: Proper Use, Applications and Tips

    Background & Use of Toe Boards When working from heights, commonly in the roofing and/or construction industry, there is a constant need to safely and efficiently perform site work. Part of that process includes using a variety of systems and protocols to mitigate unsafe work environments. Toe boards (also called toe kicks) are [...]

  • fall protection work plan

    Fall Protection Plan: Navigating Through Workplace Safety with the Experts at Safety Rail Company

    When it comes to initiating a fall protection plan, nobody is better equipped to assist you from beginning to end than the experienced team at SRC Fall Protection Planning The fall protection industry is a tricky world to navigate, particularly for a safety manager or facility coordinator with no experience in rooftop safety or creating [...]

  • OSHA: Increased Fines, Stand-Down Event, and Resources

    OSHA INCREASING ITS FINE Effective January 17, OSHA is increasing their fines. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, adjusting for inflation, is raising the rates on both minimum and maximum fines. For instance, the maximum levied for a willful violation has increased from $145,027 to $156,259 — an increase of nearly eight percent. Likewise, [...]

  • Rooftop Safety Challenges

    The Hidden Challenges of PPE and Active Fall Protection

    91% of surveyed safety managers report they sometimes or often have issues with employees wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) In an effort to better understand the challenges facing safety managers across the country, the JJ Keller Center conducted a survey of 172 such professionals, asking them about their biggest PPE-related obstacles. The most [...]

  • Passive Fall Protection

    Harness Expiration: Active Fall Protection Complications

    Selecting a harness-based fall-protection system seems like an easy, straightforward method of hazard mitigation. And while harnesses undoubtedly save lives and provide a quick path to short-term institution, it’s important to remember that these systems often include a number of long-term complexities and organizational responsibilities. One of the primary questions asked about active fall [...]

  • Rooftop Fall Protection

    3 Worker Advantages of a Guardrail Safety Solution

    Harnesses or guardrails — which fall-protection strategy is safer and more productive? While harnesses may seem like the simpler, cheaper solution, the truth is that guardrails provide a litany of benefits in both the short- and long-term. This includes organizational advantages, such as minimal inspections and maintenance, no rescue plan requirements, and limited [...]

  • OSHA Inspections

    7 Things You May Not Know About OSHA Inspections

    It’s a daunting thought: facing an unexpected OSHA inspection at your business. You think you’re compliant — but are you sure? While it’s always unsettling, having a government official examine your work environment, you can prepare yourself by learning more about both the inspection process and your rights as a business owner. Here are [...]

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