• Safety Rail Company Installation Services

    Initiating a fall-protection project can feel like a daunting task — there’s a lot to consider. First, you have to select a strategy: do you select an active (harnesses) or passive (guardrails) system?   One final and often overlooked consideration, however, is what you’re going to do once you receive your selected product, particularly [...]

  • OSHA's Most-Cited Violation

    Fall Protection: OSHA’s Most-Cited Violation

    As it does every year, OSHA has released its 2021 top ten list of most-cited workplace violations — and, for the seventh time in a row, failure to have appropriate fall protection (1926.501) ranks number one. With 5,271 violations, fall protection more than doubled the second most common violation (respiratory protection), which had 2,521 [...]

  • Guardrails for any application

    Guardrail for Any Application

    SRC's Comprehensive Lineup of Safety Rails Safety Rail Company is known for its backbone product: the SRC360 Mobile Rail, the most versatile guardrail system in the fall-protection industry — securing into our weighted bases that do not penetrate the roof membrane and working in tandem with our other safety products, including gates, hatch [...]

  • 2021 - $2,934 Million vs. 2028 USD 4,606 Million

    Global Growth of Fall-Protection Industry

    The worldwide fall-protection equipment industry in 2021 reached new heights with a staggering $2.934 billion in gross revenue. But, according to a new study by Research and Markets, this upward industry trend is set to continue over the next seven years, as they estimate the fall-protection market will reach $4.606 billion by the year [...]

  • Yellow rails on top of building overlooking a parking lot

    Benefits of the SRC360 Mobile Rail System

    The Simplest, Safest Fall-Protection Solution When selecting a fall-protection strategy, the choice of partners and products can seem daunting. Ultimately, however, it comes down to a selection between active fall protection (harnesses) and passive fall protection (guardrails). Active fall protection may appear to be the simpler choice on the surface — and harnesses [...]

  • Image of a lot of safety rails in a warehouse with a big american flag

    SRC’s Made in America Promise

    Made in America: three simple words whose value have perhaps never been more pronounced. Global supply-chain disruptions have created an inventory shortage across the fall-protection industry — but not at Safety Rail Company. By manufacturing our own products, we solidify our status as the market leader in rooftop fall protection by boasting the largest [...]

  • person inspecting rails on top of a building

    Welcome to our SRC Blog!

    ALL THE NEWS ON SRC & FALL PROTECTION! As part of our new and improved Safety Rail Company website, we wanted to provide a dynamic blog platform – an area to share content about the company, its products, and the fall-protection industry in general. As a leader of the workplace safety business community, [...]

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