Fall Protection Plan: Navigating Through Workplace Safety with the Experts at Safety Rail Company

When it comes to initiating a fall protection plan, nobody is better equipped to assist you from beginning to end than the experienced team at SRC

Fall Protection Planning

The fall protection industry is a tricky world to navigate, particularly for a safety manager or facility coordinator with no experience in rooftop safety or creating a fall protection plan.

Firstly, there are a seemingly endless number of product choices and safety strategies. The initial question you must ask yourself is: Do I want an active or passive fall-protection system? An active strategy involves employees interacting with the equipment each and every time work must be done on the roof. Examples of this includes fall-arrest and fall-restraint systems, complete with harnesses and lifelines.

On its surface, this may seem like a quick and easy way to guarantee your workers’ safety; and there’s no doubt that active fall-protection systems save lives. However, it’s also true that this strategy is the most prone to user error or negligence. Simply instituting a personal protective equipment (PPE) procedure does not guarantee that your workers will follow it each and every time maintenance is performed on the roof. Unfortunately, one oversight could be the difference between life and death.

Furthermore, according to OSHA’s hierarchy of controls, fall-restraint and fall-arrest systems rank lower than passive fall protection systems, such as guardrails. Why? Guardrails protect all workers, all the time, with no engagement required from the user.

Fall-Protection Products from Safety Rail Company

Making Your Facility Safe and Compliant

So, you’ve chosen a fall protection safety plan. Now what? Deciding on a passive fall protection system is just the first step; determining which products are right for your facility can be a tricky process. How do you know what you need?

This is where Safety Rail Company separates itself from the competition with our comprehensive customer service and vast industry experience.

Simply put, SRC serves as a partner to our clients from the beginning of the process to the final on-site installation – helping every step of the way. Our sales and engineering staff, after discussing your facility’s needs and conducting a review of the building, craft a site-specific safety system just for you. Our product lineup provides the versatility required to ensure safety and compliance in any environment. We then build our products ourselves, right here in America – and our on-staff team of installation professionals complete the job, removing the stressful unknown of what you’re going to do with products once you receive them.

Installation: One of the Many Service Perks of SRC's Do-It-All Process

Industry Experience

Safety Rail Company is the most experienced supplier in the market. With over a decade of first-hand knowledge in fall protection, and being the preferred partner of numerous Fortune 500 companies, there’s nothing SRC hasn’t seen.

Each facility rooftop is a little different – from the size and grade to elevation and equipment challenges, each building presents its own unique obstacles. Luckily, SRC has experience in just about every industry including:

With glowing reviews from companies such as Tyson, Amazon, Microsoft, Perdue, GE, Cargill, and Disney; we have proven ourselves as a reliable, customer-first company, capable of crafting safety plans for any facility type.

Safety Rail Company is also proficient in a number of procurement portals, including ISN, Avetta, ComplyWorks, and others.

Compliance Experts

Finally, when it comes to ensuring compliance, Safety Rail Company prides itself on being an expert – not only in OSHA standards, but also an regional variances.

In California, for instance, local Cal-OSHA regulations are more stringent than their federal counterparts. Because of the stricter regulations, SRC is leading the way in delivering regionally compliant products with our Cal 3209 Safety Rail system.

In short, there’s nothing that Safety Rail Company doesn’t know about the fall protection industry – and nothing we won’t do to ensure our clients receive the best service and the best safety system for their facility.

The Cal 3209 Rail System is Designed Specifically for Cal-OSHA Compliance