Benefits of the SRC360 Mobile Rail System

The Simplest, Safest Fall-Protection Solution: SRC360 Mobile Rail

When selecting a fall-protection strategy, the choice of partners and products can seem daunting. Ultimately, however, it comes down to a selection between active fall protection (harnesses) and passive fall protection (guardrails).

Active fall protection may appear to be the simpler choice on the surface — and harnesses undoubtedly save lives. That said, there is a simplicity afforded with selecting a passive fall-protection system: knowing, without worry, that you’ve established universal and compliant safety for every worker on the roof. Total peace of mind.

The SRC360 Mobile Rail is among the best passive fall-protection solutions on the market, both for its benefits over harness-based systems and because it works perfectly in tandem with Safety Rail Company’s diverse lineup of safety products.


According to OSHA, the best method for worker protection (when the hazard cannot be eliminated) is to institute a passive fall-protection safety solution: physical barriers, such as guardrails, installed around unprotected edges. This strategy ensures that all personnel are safe when performing tasks in the area, as each worker is isolated from the potential fall hazard.

The SRC360 Mobile Rail system provides this universal protection, while also allowing personnel to go about their work without being tethered to a cumbersome anchorage device. This freedom of movement greatly increases worker productivity and takes the headache of worker compliance and training out of the equation. Our passive fall-protection systems can be installed along entire roof perimeters, providing a comprehensive, permanent solution. Alternatively, it can be installed around specific equipment or access points where people will be working.

There is also a financial benefit to selecting the SRC360 Mobile Rail: once installed, it requires minimal maintenance, inspection, or repairs — and, because it’s always working without the need for costly training, your organization also bypasses the risk of OSHA violation costs.

The SRC360 Mobile Rail is a sound investment, both from a safety viewpoint and a financial perspective.


Another primary benefit of the SRC360 Mobile Rail system is that it integrates with Safety Rail Company’s diverse lineup of fall-protection products.

As any compliance or facility manager will testify, protecting one’s building against fall hazards is about more than securing the leading edge — there are ladders, skylights, open hatches, level changes, and other potential hazards to worry about.

The SRC360 Mobile Rail integrates Safety Rail Company’s lineup of fall-protection solutions for all possible fall risks into its system, as the weighted bases serve as a foundation for numerous compliant safety products.

For instance, our skylight guards keep workers protected from falling through the skylight — while also allowing the sun to continue providing light to the interior of the facility. Likewise, an open hatch (which OSHA considers an equal hazard to a leading edge or unprotected hole) requires protection: and our Hatch Guard systems work for just about any size hatch. They also feature a safety gate, two-foot landing zone, and help ingress/egress grab bars. Finally, our warning lines also integrate with our SRC360 Mobile Rail, often using the same weighted bases, for total visual protection against falls.