Initiating a fall-protection project can feel like a daunting task — there’s a lot to consider, including who is going to complete the installation of your products.

First, you have to select a strategy: do you choose an active (harnesses) or passive (guardrails) system? (This is often one of the most difficult decisions to make, and SRC provides an educational resource that we urge all safety managers to read (here) that spotlights the often overlooked benefits of passive fall protection.) And, in the event you do select a passive fall-protection system, you then have to consider which products are right for your facility.


One final and often overlooked consideration, however, is what you’re going to do once you receive your selected product, particularly as regards permanent systems like guardrails. Receiving a pallet of rails without industry expertise in how to properly install them can be overwhelming (and potentially hazardous to employees tasked with putting them in place).


Luckily, Safety Rail Company has you covered! SRC removes the anxiety of fall-protection planning by being a single-source partner – we not only provide site-specific planning and our very own American-made products, but also professional installation services.


Our team of installation experts are SRC employees, never third-party subcontractors, who specialize in handling our fall-protection products. We employ best-in-class safety protocols with minimal impact to your facility – in fact, most of our products are free-standing, meaning they require no permanent building alterations or roof-membrane penetration.


Why stress yourself out with the installation process when you can trust the experts to do it for you? Safety Rail Company is a turn-key partner, ready and willing to engineer, build, and install your next rooftop safety project!

Installation Services

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