At Safety Rail Company, we do more than just protect your roof’s leading edge — we build entire systems to address every potential fall hazard at your facility. This includes open rooftop hatches, which OSHA defines as an equal hazard to a leading edge or unprotected hole (OSHA 1910.28(b)(3)). Enter SRC’s Rooftop Hatchguards.

Check out our latest product video that provides a quick, simple overview of what makes the Rooftop Hatchguard system the best, most durable solution on the market — which includes:

Simple Installation

SRC’s Rooftop Hatchguards are first and foremost easy to install. Each four-piece system bolts together and simply slips over the hatch. And installation requires no penetration into either the building or the hatch itself — its compression grip holds it securely in place.

Durable, Rigid Design

Our system is also among the sturdiest in the industry with very little wobble and endurance through any weather conditions. Built to last, it remains as rigid and durable years down the line as it did the day you installed it. Unfortunately, many of the hatch-protection systems in the market do not provide this stability — and selecting a system that wobbles or re-positions itself during usage is nearly as bad as having no hatch protection at all. Protect your employees with the safest system in the industry!

User-Friendly Features

Also, the SRC Rooftop Hatchguard’s user-friendly system includes grab bars (for employees entering and exiting the hatch) as well as a two-foot landing zone and a self-closing safety gate. Simply installing guardrail around the hatch does not provide these same worker-friendly features that make entering and exiting the hatch area easy and convenient.

OSHA Compliant

Because OSHA requires fall protection measures for open rooftop hatches, the SRC Rooftop Hatchguard is also the simplest way to ensure regulatory code compliance. Why wonder whether or not your fall-protection strategy adheres to this OSHA requirement when you can be certain with the SRC Hatchguard?

Protect against all rooftop fall hazards with SRC’s dynamic roster of fall-protection solutions!

OSHA Compliance

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