At Safety Rail Company, we do more than just protect your roof’s leading edge — we build entire systems to address every potential fall hazard at your facility. This includes open rooftop hatches, which OSHA defines as an equal hazard to a leading edge or unprotected hole (OSHA 1910.28(b)(3)).

Enter SRC’s Rooftop Hatchguards.

The best solution on the market, SRC’s Rooftop Hatchguards are first and foremost easy to install. Each four-piece system bolts together and simply slips over the hatch. And installation requires no penetration into either the building or the hatch itself — its compression grip holds it securely in place.

Our system is also among the sturdiest in the industry with very little wobble and endurance through any weather conditions. Its user-friendly system also includes grab bars (for employees entering and exiting the hatch) as well as a two-foot landing zone and a self-closing safety gate.

Protect against all rooftop fall hazards with SRC’s dynamic roster of fall-protection solutions!

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