Engineered Solutions

Custom engineering, manufacturing and installation

engineered solutions process
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When you know what…but you’re just not sure how.

Look to Safety Rail for custom engineered fall protections.

Discovery & Conceptualization

Understanding your needs and requirements is the first step. Typically, this involves a site visit and conversations with key personnel.

birds eye view of roof with mobile rail
Design & Engineering

Once the requirements are clear, engineers and designers work together to create a conceptual design. This involves drafting sketches and creating initial CAD models.

engineered solutions process

Develop prototypes based on the initial design. Prototypes help to validate the design concept, identify potential issues, and make necessary adjustments before moving to full-scale production.

engineered solutions process—mobile rail prototype
Material Sourcing & Procurement

We’ll quickly identify and source the materials needed to manufacture your solution. We rely heavily on domestic partners, sourcing suppliers based on factors such as quality, availability, and compatibility with the design requirements.

metal rail inventory
Manufacturing Process Planning

Develop a detailed plan for the manufacturing process, including the selection of manufacturing methods (e.g., machining, casting, molding), equipment, tools, and production techniques.

cad drawing

Carry out the manufacturing process according to the established plan. This involves setting up production facilities, operating machinery, assembling components, and conducting quality control checks throughout the production process.

engineered solutions process
Testing and Quality Assurance

Perform rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures to ensure that the finished product meets the required specifications, standards, and performance criteria. This may involve various testing methods, such as mechanical testing, electrical testing, durability testing, and product certification.

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