Guardrail for Any Application

SRC’s Comprehensive Lineup of Guardrail Systems

Safety Rail Company is known for its backbone product: the SRC360 Mobile Rail, the most versatile guardrail system in the fall-protection industry — an OSHA-compliant solution that secures into our weighted bases that do not penetrate the roof membrane and work in tandem with our other safety products, including gates, hatch guards, skylight protection, and more.

And certainly, the benefits of a passive fall-protection system (guardrails) are numerous: no training necessary, limited maintenance and inspections, universal protection for all workers, freedom of movement, minimal ongoing costs, etc.

But not all roofs are created equal — so, which system is right for your facility? SRC’s lineup of guardrail options is deep, with a perfect solution for just about every professional application. Our guardrail options are sure to provide a solution for any need, from aesthetic requirements to tricky roofs and rooftop obstacles.

Guardrail Image


Sometimes a simple yellow safety rail just won’t do. Many facilities have a particular architecture they’re trying to complement or a general building aesthetic they’re trying not to interrupt.

Safety Rail Company is equipped for such needs — our Accu-Fit rails are built with design in mind! This rail system features a choice of stanchions, including a curved option whose purpose is to work within the architectural sight lines of the building.

Likewise, our Hide-a-Rail system is perfect for tucking away the rails while not in use. This allows your facility to maintain its appearance while also providing total fall protection to your personnel when work is being done in the area.

And, while we prefer yellow rails, we realize this isn’t always the ideal choice: color personalization is available upon request!

Guardrail Utility Image


As any safety manager or fall-protection expert can testify, no two rooftops are the same. While we’d like to provide simple, non-penetrating guardrail to protect every facility’s leading edge, we know the truth is that sometimes the project is more complex.

But, much like our numerous design-conscious options, SRC has a solution for every knotty rooftop hazard.

Firstly, the Accu-Fit rails are good for more than just eye-catching sophistication: they’re also a rugged system meant to be cut to size in the field. This allows for a number of applications around tricky rooftop obstacles.

SRC also has a solution for those hard-to-protect metal deck roofs with our standing seam rails, which secure to just about any style rooftop.

Finally, Safety Rail Company also offers permanent rail for inclined roofs or indoor facility areas in need of protection (including around shipping pits, etc.).