Global Growth of Fall-Protection Industry

The worldwide fall-protection equipment industry in 2021 reached new heights with a staggering $2.934 billion in gross revenue. But, according to a new study by Research and Markets, this upward industry trend is set to continue over the next seven years, as they estimate the fall-protection market will reach $4.606 billion by the year 2028.

One of the reasons cited for this predicted increase is the rapid industrialization across the globe, leading to the recognition of related occupational hazards. In other words, as new industries rise across the world, the need to protect one’s personnel — something we’ve been practicing with better and better standards and solutions in the United States — is becoming a global priority.

Likewise, as governments catch up to the needs of their nation’s rising industrial workforce, standards like those employed by OSHA will start to become more common, leading to even more safety-conscious business initiatives.

Of course, we’ve known this at Safety Rail Company since our founding more than a decade ago. We are one of the few companies that offer American-made passive fall protection systems — and we continue to do so today as we expand our market footprint and become the preferred partner of Fortune 500 companies.

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