7 Things You May Not Know About OSHA Inspections

OSHA Conducts 35,000 Inspections per Year

Throughout the year, OSHA conducts approximately 35,000 federally mandated inspections. This number jumps to 60,000 in states with approved OSHA state plans. And, given the recent proposed increase to the OSHA budget that is likely to come into effect for the 2023 fiscal year, it’s reasonable to assume this number will continue to rise. Most of these inspections are done without notification.

Very Few OSHA Inspections Find 0 Violations

Most OSHA inspections are triggered by negligence, employee complaints, injuries, or industry focus. Nearly all inspections reveal at least one violation.

OSHA Inspections Can Take up to 6 Months to Complete

Inspections can be either partial or comprehensive, with the latter possibly taking up to six months.

OSHA Inspector Can Expand Inspection During Walk-Through

An inspection can be upgraded from partial to comprehensive if new violations are found during the walk-through.

OSHA Has 6 Months to Send Official Citation List

OSHA reviews all inspection data before sending an official list of violations and penalties within six months.

OSHA Penalties Have Increased 80% Since 2015

Penalties have increased significantly, with violations ranging from $14,000 to $145,000 depending on severity and business factors.

Employers Have Three Choices After Receiving Citation List

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OSHA Inspections